Dell Inspiron Duo Hybrid Slate / Netbook Teased On Video

If you pay close attention to the laptop world, you may remember a product from last year called the Lenovo U1 Hybrid. It was a convertible tablet two-in-one device from Lenovo, showcased primarily at CES. But the showcasing ended there. The product has since hit a wall and will likely never reach mass production, much to the dismay of tech enthusiasts who loved the initiative that Lenovo was taking. It was a daring and bold product, but even Lenovo recognized that it would only ever be a niche device.

Now, it looks like Dell has picked up where Lenovo dropped off. The Inspiron Duo is equally daring, but Dell looks fairly intent on producing this device for consumers to buy. This unit has a unique, flip-up design that converts a standard slate PC into a notebook. It's partially a tablet, and partially a netbook. There are no specifications to speak of just yet, but Dell has to be near the point of divulging those details. Have a look at the teaser video beneath. It tells a lot, but not nearly enough.