Dell Goes For Nostalgia with First Ad Since Going Private

For every great, long-lasting startup that goes on to revolutionize the world, there are hundreds -- if not thousands -- that never make it beyond the drawing board. In today's world, however, simply "making it" once isn't good enough. Particularly in the rough-and-tumble technology sector, companies have to continue proving themselves time and time again, or else they risk losing all of the ground they've gained to incoming rivals. If you need proof, just look at the market share numbers for Nokia and BlackBerry from 8 years ago, and compare them to now.

Similarly, Dell has found itself at the bottom of the pile in recent years. While the name and brand is still one that is recognized, it's no longer the first place people turn to when shopping for a new mobile or PC. Recently, the company went private in a bid to rethink what Dell is, and what it needs to become in order to stay afloat in a tumultuous market. The company has published a new advertisement that paints a new picture for the reshaping of Dell. It harkens back to some of the great startup stories of our day, and ends with a reminder that Dell was also one of those door-room dreams come true.

We've yet to hear what Dell plans to do on the product and services side in order to make its comeback, but it's clear that they're focusing on what matters by going back to the start. It's a great watch.