Dell Gives Alienware 13 A Dazzling OLED Upgrade, Makes Competition 'Red' With Envy

The hustle and bustle of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has us spying all kinds of fantastic technologies and products on the verge of release, though one in particular tickled our fancy. It's the Alienware 13, a version of the gaming laptop we're in the process of editing for review, only the one being shown off at CES has an OLED display. That display has all the pop and deep saturation you'd expect along with a 1ms response time that gamers will rave on.

That's no small thing, as no other gaming laptop wields such an amenity currently. Dell made it happen by tapping Samsung to supply the necessary OLED panels for its Alienware line, and starting soon, you'll be able to purchase one.

Alienware 13 Red

The upgraded Alienware 13 will come in the standard silver combination that current models ship in, though if gamers make enough noise, Dell promises to dress the laptop up in red as well.

Alienware 13 Red Open

"We’re proud to be first-to-market with a gaming laptop featuring an OLED display, the perfect combination of performance, graphics and size for on-the-go gaming. We’re also hoping to help this awesome platform stand out in the crowd with a dark-red chassis. While we will ship an OLED offering in the existing silver chassis in the early spring, the red one is not official just yet," Dell said.

Alienware 13 Red Open Angled

If a red color option is something you're interested in seeing, then take to Twitter and tweet/re-tweet @Alienware with #OLEDinRED. That's how Dell plans to gauge interest, and of course it's a creative way of getting users to spread the word. Well played, Dell.

Alienware 13 Red Ports Left

Alienware 13 Red Ports Right

Having seen this beauty in person, we're anxious to see it ship and we're told it's coming soon this quarter. The unique aesthetics already give the Alienware 13 an out-of-this-world look, and painting it red only adds to the awesome.

Update - 6:12PM EST: While we'll have a full review of a current Alienware 13 configuration (accompanied by Dell's Alienware Graphics Amplifier accessory) soon, but we'll have to wait a bit to learn more about the refreshed OLED model. Dell noted a config with a 6th gen Skylake Intel Core i7-6500U, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics and NVMe PCI Express SSD should retail around $1449, though not completely confirmed just yet. In the meantime, we're dubbing this one of the best products of CES.

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