Dell Download Store Welcomes In Microsoft Apps

Dell and Microsoft have had something more significant than just a working relationship for some time now, but it looks like that partnership just got ratcheted up a notch. As more and more outfits (Adobe, for one) offer full applications online, Dell has landed a deal that will allow it to sell "digital" versions of Microsoft products. In fact, the newly created Dell Download Store is the very first non-Microsoft consumer site authorized for downloads.

Wares such as Word, Excel and Outlook are now available from the Dell Download Store, though there's no word on just how far the expansion will go. Sadly, it seems as if the prices aren't the best, with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 listed at $129.99. In case you're wondering, this software is available in-box at various websites for far less.

Still, this is more a symbol of our changing world than anything else. Before long, we suspect downloading new applications from digital stores will become as common, if not more common than going to the store for a boxed copy. Of course, we need those broadband speeds to keep up in order to make it feasible, but that shouldn't be too much to ask.