Dell Debuts U2211H And U2311H 1080p LCD Monitors

It's something you look at every day, it's your monitor. Are you happy with it? Could it stand to be upgraded? In the world of new CPUs, GPUs and RAM, the LCD often gets overlooked. Dell has just introduced a new pair of screens, both of which boast high-end features with low-end price tags.

The U2211H and U2311H both utilize in-plane switching technology (IPS) to deliver consistent colors across wide viewing angles, a technology that's far superior to the TN panels used in lots of lower-end panels. Dell is making these panels available Asia Pacific/Japan and in the U.S. from today at prices starting from $279 for the U2211H and $299 for the U2311H; Europe will see them starting on May 19th.

As for specifications, the U2211H is a 21.5" LCD while the U2311H is a 23" version. Both have Full HD resolutions, DisplayPort, DVI-D (with HDCP), 4X USB 2.0 and VGA connectors. Big screen, 1080p IPS screens for under $300? Sold.