Dell Debuts first Two AMD Servers

Cnet is reporting that Dell has finally released their first two AMD servers.  The first system is the PowerEdge 6950 which is a quad cpu configuration ranging from 2.0Ghz to 2.8Ghz.  The next system is the PowerEdge SC1435 which is a dual CPU configuration based off of the same speed cpu's.  Both systems will be using the power hungry AMD's Opteron SE cpus which had previously only been available to Sun.  A moderately configured 6950 will set you back approximately $16,183 whereas a the same on a 1435 will set you back $5,653.

With the move, Dell finally joins the other three major server makers in selling AMD-based x86 servers. The Round Rock, Texas-based company long had sold only Intel-based machines. However, it announced plans for AMD servers in May and began selling AMD-based PCs in September.
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