Dell Confirms the Adamo (More or Less)

We wrote earlier about the Dell Adamo, or at least, the Dell Adamo website and the various clues around the Web about what was rumored to be a MacBook Air competitor. It seems that there is now confirmation.

It all started when the New York Times Bits blog noticed a blurb (since removed) at luxury lifestyle site that said:

"Rumor has it that Dell is coming out with a computer called Adamo that will rival the MacBook Air. At press time, the company was keeping the product tightly under wraps, but PC users rejoice - word on the street is that something cool is coming your way."
According to Bits, it's now been confirmed by Dell that the blurb above was supposed to be an ad for the Adamo. Why they chose a site like, I don't know. But apparently the site added to the confusion by "lumping blog posts and ads together."

One thing though: according to Bits, Dell has only confirmed the existence of the Adamo, not that its a MBA rival. Uh, huh. But a lot of the evidence from our prior post still points to a super-thin laptop.

Expect to see something from Dell at CES in January. They won't admit exactly what yet, just that it will be called the Adamo, but we still vote for something MBA-ish.