Dell CEO Shows Off Android-Powered Streak

Following months of speculation, leaked photos, and even a hands-on preview from several months back, Dell has finally gone and announced its Streak mini-tablet, though not by way of a press release. Instead, Micheal Dell surprised attendees at the Citrix Synergy conference when he went on onstage for his keynote speech, shoved his hand in his pocket, and whipped out the Streak for the device's first-ever public demo.

"The device we use to access our information shouldn't matter anymore," Dell said as he prepared to show off the Streak. "Whether it's a phone, or a notebook, a netbook, or a desktop PC, your client image can follow you everywhere.

"Actually, I've got a new little device here," Dell continued as he pulled out the Streak. "I've got my Citrix Receiver on here; we can log in an capture our desktop. I've got six different desktop planes here, I've got my Android applications, I can see what's going on at Twitter and Facebook."

Dell went on to say that the Streak will be available in Europe next month, followed by a U.S. launch later this summer through AT&T. While the final specs weren't revealed, the prototype Engadget played with back in February sported a 5-inch 800x480 capacitive display, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G support, 1.63GB of storage, microSD slot, and a 5MP camera with Flash.