Dell Bringing Android Smartphone To AT&T Next Year

Well, we guess it's fairly safe to say now that those Dell cellphone prototypes weren't being constructed for no good reason. In a somewhat surprising announcement made today, high-ranking sources have confirmed that Dell will introduce its first-ever smartphone on AT&T's network. With Sprint snagging the Pre, T-Mobile having a wide array of Android phones and Verizon having the so-called biggest 3G network, AT&T is looking to back its one-and-done approach with the iPhone with a few more solid options.

While neither Dell nor AT&T have come forward to confirm or deny the reports, the plans are as good as complete. The Wall Street Journal is even passing along the news, which tends to mean the sources are proven. It's expected that Dell would launch the phone in the U.S. as early as next year, and while details on the device are still scant, we do know that it would have a touch-screen display, a camera, no QWERTY keyboard and a design similar to the Mini 3i it showed off in China earlier in the year.

In a move that'll surely prove great for Dell and Google, the phone will utilize the Android operating system. Dell is currently talking to other carriers with T-Mobile USA mentioned specifically, and given T-Mobile's wide array of Google phones, we wouldn't be shocked to see it offered there as well. Are you interested in waiting for a Dell phone? Just imagine the same company making your PC and your smartphone--oh wait, Apple already did that. Hmm, maybe it's not so crazy of a thought after all.