Dell Android PC On USB Stick, Project Ophelia Ready For Release This Summer

Dell’s Project Ophelia has quietly been under development, and now word has emerged that the USB stick-sized PC that you can connect to essentially any display or screen will ship to developers in July and cost about $100. Thereafter, it will head off to cable and telecom companies who may want to bundle it, and then it will hit the consumer market at some point after that.

According to PC World, Dell’s Jeff McNaught, executive director of cloud client computing, says that the device will function as a PC, set-top box, and gaming console when connected to a TV screen or other display, and users will be able to access apps and content from the Google Play store, play Android games, and stream movies and TV shows from the likes of Netflix and Hulu. There’s also apparently a companion keyboard device in the works.

Project Ophelia

Further, Ophelia devs may be writing apps specifically for the little device.

However, Project Ophelia’s most powerful features will be related to the cloud. It will come with Dell’s Wyse PocketCloud, which would allow users to access files and even applications on other computers, and Dell is also looking at the enterprise space, pushing Project Ophelia as a thin client.

If you’re wondering what sort of display resolution will work with such a tiny device, PC World says that Dell is planning to demonstrate Project Ophelia on 19- and 55-inch screens at the Citrix Synergy conference. We’ll be interested to find out how the little bugger performs.