Dell Adds New Lynnfield CPUs To Studio XPS 8000/9000

With the introduction of every major CPU release from AMD or Intel comes the inevitable flood of new and updated machines tweaked to take advantage. Dell's certainly not one to sit things out while the others play ball, which is why the company has today introduced a new pair of Studio XPS desktops that are available with Intel's new Lynnfield CPUs.

Just as Dell's earnings start to head north again, the outfit has made official the Studio XPS 8000 and Studio XPS 9000, the first of which is a mid-range tower designed for casual users and the second of which is geared more for power users. Both rigs are designed to handle multimedia and at least light duty gaming, with an optional Blu-ray drive and TV tuner turning them into suitable media center PCs.

The new Core i5 Quad Core and Core i7 Quad Core are both available, with a copious amount of customizable options enabling users to push these from ho hum web surfers to all-out video editing/hardcore gaming machines. The 8000 starts at just $799, while the 9000 gets going at $1999; both machines can be ordered today and tweaked however you see fit.

New Dell Studio XPS 8000, starting at $799, offers great performance for some of the most demanding applications like photo and video editing and computer games.
  • Newest Intel Core i5 Quad Core and i7 Quad Core processors deliver raw power.
  • Integrated 7.1 high-definition surround sound for theater-like experience direct from the desktop.
  • Optional Blu-ray Disc and Blu-ray Disc burner so users can create the high-def DVDs.
  • Optional 3D capabilities for gamers who demand realistic and stunning graphics.

Dell also announced the Studio XPS 9000 with new performance graphics options. The Studio XPS 9000 is one of Dell’s most powerful and expandable entertainment desktop computers, so people can be sure that their computer will have enough memory to chronicle every digitized aspect of their lives.