Delete All Your Instagram Posts, And You Could Win Free Flights For A Year From JetBlue

Would you like to win free airline flights for an entire year? Well, JetBlue is giving you the chance, though it comes with one very big caveat, or a very small one, depending on how active you are on Instagram. To claim your entry, you must first delete all (yes, ALL!) of your Instagram photos. Oh, but "don't worry," Jet Blue says, because "if you win you'll be able to post pics from everywhere" the airline flies.

In other words, you are essentially being asked to turn your Instagram account into an ongoing ad campaign for JetBlue, and the airline does not want anything else mucking it up. It's not clear exactly why JetBlue wants your account all to its own—perhaps the requirement to nuke your photos is to ensure that no potentially embarrassing or offending posts could pop up and be associated with the airline.
The contest is part of JetBlue's "All You Can Jet" campaign. If you don't want to outright delete your photos from Instagram, you can use the app's archive function, or create a brand new account (which the company says goes against the spirit of the contest and is not as fun, but still allowed). Either way, JetBlue requires that you keep it clear through the of the entry period, which runs until March 8, 2019, at 8:59 am ET.

That's the first step. The next step is to consider how you would fill in the blank: "All You Can ____," and then choose and upload an image of your own to illustrate a place, activity, or a person you would like to visit. For example, if I were to enter, I might write, "All You Can Hoop" and upload an image of the Boston Celtics.

You then have to post the photo to Instagram using JetBlue's custom frame and tag it appropriately (@JetBlue and #ALLYOUCANJETSWEEPSTAKES) before the deadline. JetBlue plans to select three winners, each of which will be awarded a pass for unlimited travel for themselves and a partner.

It is an interesting contest for sure. Leveraging social media is not the least bit unusual, but asking users to wipe clean their accounts for a chance to win a prize is a tough proposition for some. If more than one other person enters, which undoubtedly they will, the odds are stacked against you. There is also the cost of taking time off to travel, and whatever you might do at your destination.

If any airline was going to do something like this, though, it's not surprising that it would be JetBlue. It has a history of embracing new trends—JetBlue was the first domestic airline to accept Apple Pay, for example.

In any event, if you're interested in participating, give the official rules a read through, then bring a squeegee to your Instagram account.