Instagram Software Code Details New Feature Coming To Help Creators Make Bank

Is Instagram gunning for Pinterest’s user base? A security researcher recently discovered new details for public Collections in Instagram's code. This feature would help Instagram directly compete with Pinterest and provide new money-making opportunities for Instagram creators.

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Instagram launched their “Collections” feature over two years ago. This feature allows users to save and organize posts from their Instagram feed. For better or for worse, these Collections are currently private. Users can click on “See more like this” to find posts similar to the ones in their particular Collections, but they cannot view other users’ Collections. If a user would like to share another person’s image, they must take a screenshot or find another way to acquire the image.

TechCrunch contributor Jane Manchun Wong delved into Instagram’s Android code and discovered a prototype for a “Make Collection Public” option. Her screenshot reveals that users will be able to share their Collections and invite Contributors. At the moment Instagram claims that they are not testing public Collections, but the code points to future possibilities.

Instagram Make Collection Public
Image from TechCrunch

Pinterest bills itself as a “visual discovery engine” where users are able to save images or “Pins” to their “Boards”. Users are also able to invite others to contribute to their Boards, search Pinterest for others’ Pins, and save others’ Pins to their own Boards. Pinterest has long been a popular tool for businesses, bloggers, and other entrepreneurs.

Pinterest also tends to attract a different demographic than Instagram. Instagram’s user base tends to be fairly young and evenly split between male and females, while Pinterest’s user base is older and overwhelmingly female. Most Pinterest users reside in the United States, while most Instagram users are from countries outside the US.

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Instagram's current Collections feature

If Instagram chooses to enable public Collections, they would not only attract new users but allow creators with large Instagram followings to make a lot of money. At the moment, verified Instagram users can only share one product link at a time or direct their followers to apps such as “LikeToKnowIt”. Public Collections would help Instagram users share multiple links that others could easily find. Sponsored posts or ads could also remain in a user’s Collection indefinitely.

Public Collections would also pair nicely with in-app payments. This past spring, Instagram allowed a small number of users to make payments via the app to a limited number of partners. Businesses and Instagram creators could potentially advertise products in their Collections that could be directly purchased in the app. Whatever Instagram’s future may hold, it seems that that they are looking for new ways for creators to make bank.