Defective DVDs, BSODs Plague Leopard

All is not well in Apple-Land. Several threads on the Apple discussion forums indicate a defective batch of DVDs, as well as BSODs ("blue screen of death") after installation. Now, much as we always say about Microsoft, you can't expect 100% flawless behavior; there's no such thing as bug-free software after all. But the defective DVDs, on the other hand, seem pretty widespread.

According to this thread, the bad batch of DVDs has been confirmed by Apple, and support says you should not go back to the same store you originally purchased the DVD from, as the remainder of DVDs at that store would likely be bad as well.

In one of the BSOD threads; it seems Apple Support wasn't able to help very much. It appears from the threads the BSOD appears after the machine reboots during installation

Some, although not experiencing BSODs, want to go back to Tiger because of other issues. In fact, a humorous comment in the initial post in a thread related to such issues says:

    Hint for Apple: add a function to Time Machine called "Back To Tiger".

We wouldn't normally buy anything when it just comes out, such as an OS (or especially a new car model), expecting stuff like this to happen. Of course, the BSODs aren't hitting everyone, but as we said the defective DVDs seem to be pretty prevalent.
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