Das Keyboard Develops First Line of Radio Frequency Blocking "HackShield" Bags

Ever since the NSA's PRISM program came to light, there's been a heightened sense of privacy and personal security among technophiles and mainstream users alike. Nobody likes being spied on, and unfortunately, today's persistently connected world makes it all too easy for our personal electronics to reveals things we might not want disclosed, such as where we are at any particular time, our buying habits, and so forth.

We bring all this up because Das Keyboard just dove into a new product category with the launch of highly secure, radio frequency blocking bags. They're called "HackShield" bags, which you can purchase in backpack or messenger bag form. Both types sport internal pockets lined with HackShielf RF blocking material to prevent data from being transmitted to or from any electronics placed inside.

HackShield Bag

"Many people don’t realize the electronic devices they carry around can send valuable personal data to the cloud, in some cases even when their devices are closed or asleep," said Daniel Guermeur, creator of the Das Keyboard and CEO of Metadot Corporation. "In today’s hi-tech world, most people are concerned with more than just protecting their digital life from hackers, but also with preventing their electronic devices from sharing personal information without their knowledge. With HackShield RF blocking technology, it’s not possible for radio signals to get in or out of Das Keyboard’s carrying bags, which provides an entirely new level of digital security."

Das Keyboard Wallet

In addition to new laptop bags, Das Keyboard also launched a HackShield Wallet with the same RF blocking material to prevent credit cards, debit cards, and other cards containing RFID chips from transmitting data to nearby thieves who might be scanning for ID information.

The HackShield Bags ($179) and Wallet ($49) are available to purchase now (Wallet ships August 15th). And if you need even more protection, you can always roll your own aluminum foil deflector beanie.