Danger Den Maze 4, Gigabyte Radeon 9800 Pro and more...

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Danger Den Maze 4 Chipset-Block & Kit @ Club OC

"Danger Den has always been a pioneer of some outstanding designs for us water coolers out there. Starting with the very first Maze design, Danger Den came from nowhere to everywhere within a very short period. For those of us that are avid ClubOC viewers, Danger Den has always maintained the cutting edge of water cooling your computer, and we always try and give you the most of a good thing. For over a year the Z-Block has been quite a success for chipset water cooling, so why improve? Well manufacturers have to try don't they? What would our little overclocking world be without cutting edge products, especially if they work as advertised... Today at ClubOC we are going to preview for you the newest offering specifically for those wanting to cool their AMD platform more efficiently"

Flexiglow FX GamePad @ Viper Lair

"Power for the pad is obtained via a 1.8m USB lead so you should have a generous amount of leeway for positioning your pad. The colours on the pad are terrific; when you cycle to red, it IS red. Blue IS blue, etc. And all of this can be changed from the push of one button."

Raidmax Storm ATX Mid-Tower Case Review @ Club OC

"We've had quite a few Raidmax product reviews in the past, and they never seem to disappoint us when it comes to bang for the buck. Of course some of our staff tend to argue about what is more important, bang of the buck, or features and quality. I think after taking a quick gander at the Storm ATX case, that Raidmax haven't changed too much. It seems that they have had the same internal case design for quite awhile, much like Antec had just a few short years ago. So what does the Storm in this case describe? Well a quick look at the 120mm fan in the front panel gives us a good hint, and the semi-gloss grey paint job may have some kind of resemblance to the dark clouds that come out of the sky just before a storm. Ok now I'm getting carried away, solets take a look at this caseand see if it's a worthy contender in the budget case market that Raidmax seems to own right now..."

Gigabyte Radeon 9800 Pro Review @ TWL

"The GV-R98P128D is no doubt an excellent card and has proven to be a great success. It's quality and performance is like a built-by ATI video card. The only problem we had with the video card was when testing the s-video out, the image output experienced some interference."

OCZ 1GB PC4400 DDR550 Performance Series Memory Kit Review @ Tweaknews.net

"There are a couple of factors that impressed me with OCZ's PC4400 memory. For one, I liked the use of copper heatspreaders. It is well known that DDR550 memory does get warm and using a heatspreader material with a higher heat conductivity rate just makes pure sense. It has been argued for some time whether heatspreaders are really necessary on memory today. For PC3200 memory, this may indeed be true, but for PC4400, it's mandatory. Kick in the fact that it looks great (see picture above), and you have a great combination of practicality and aesthetics which is sought after by enthusiasts today..."

BFG GeForce FX 5900XT OC Review @ Bjorn3D.com

"If you are in the market for value, performance, and an easy and stable upgrade from your current graphics card, look no further than BFG Technologies? new GeForce FX 5900XT OC. After many long days of testing, I can confidently and happily pat BFG Tech on the back for a job well done. They have delivered a card that performs excellently, offers excellent capability and compatibility with today?s latest games, and still offers a value that would make one lose sleep at night if it were ignored."

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