Updated DALL-E AI Art Generator Now Open For The Public With Improved Safety Systems

hothardware in space in tutu
OpenAI's DALL-E has been used to create some pretty interesting and incredible images, but if you signed up before yesterday chances are you were put on a waitlist. However, the company has now removed its waitlist and opened it up for anyone to sign up and use.

OpenAI is on a mission to make sure that artificial general intelligence (AGI) benefits all of humanity. The company's DALL-E 2 creates original, realistic images and art from a simple text description, such as "An astronaut", "riding a horse," or "in a photorealistic style." It was the center of attention recently, as it was said to also be making up its own language. Until yesterday, if you wanted to try DALL-E out, you needed to sign up and then be put on a waitlist. However, now the company has opened up the experience to everyone without having to wait.

If you are curious and want to sign-up, you will first need to make an account. Just be aware that you will need to verify your phone number in order to complete the sign-up process. Once you have, you will be given 50 free credits for your first month, and 15 each month thereafter. You are able to use a DALL-E credit for a single DALL-E request. If your request does not return a generation, you will not be charged a credit. You can purchase additional DALL-E credits by using the "Buy Credits" button on your account page, beginning at $15 for 115 additional credits.

dall e hothardware

With my first credit, I simply put in the text field "hothardware". After deliberating for a few moments, DALL-E came back with four images of bolts/screws. With my second credit, I decided to be a bit more descriptive. I entered "Hot hardware in space wearing a tutu." This time the four images it came back with were a bit more interesting (see below). Obviously, the more descriptive you are with your request, the better chance you will have of DALL-E showing off its creativity.

dall e hothardware in space

The company says that there are currently more than 1.5 million users who are actively generating over 2 million images a day with DALL-E. OpenAI does recognize that the technology can be misused, and therefore states it has taken an "iterative deployment approach" at ensuring the safe use of DALL-E.

If you would like to try out creating something unique with DALL-E, simply head over to the OpenAI website and sign-up for a free account. Also, feel free to share any of your creations in the comments below.