Cydle Combines GPS, HD Traffic, HD Radio, Video, Audio, Bluetooth, & More

Cydle, one of South Korea's biggest electronics makers, plans to make a big splash at the 2010 CES trade show with the announcement of a portable GPS system that has built-in HD Radio and free HD live traffic updates. The new T43H from Cydle is part of the company's line of wireless digital devices that combine navigation with entertainment, offering GPS, Live HD traffic updates, HD Radio, rich multimedia, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, black box, mobile TV, and more.

“The car should be a haven,” said Woody Lee, U.S. director of sales, Cydle. “Whether a driver needs accurate traffic information and alternate routes to get somewhere on time, wants to watch a video of his or her family while on a business trip, or simply wants to enjoy a favorite tune, we provide all of that, at the highest quality, from a single device.”

Cydle’s T43H is the "world’s first" portable navigation system with built-in HD Radio that offers free HD traffic information with real-time updates that Cydle claims are 10 times faster than other traffic message channels. This real-time information is refreshed automatically using an internal as well as an external antenna. In addition to navigation and traffic updates, the T43H functions as an entertainment device thanks to its high-resolution 4.3-inch screen and ability to play videos and audio and display pictures. The T43H costs $299 and does not require a subscription fee.

Cydle is also adding two additional GPS units to its lineup that combine a GPS unit with a multimedia player and wide touch screens. The T70 features a 7-inch screen and the T50 offers a 5-inch screen. Both units come with a range of options including HD Radio, Live HD Traffic updates, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile TV, and black box.

The optional Cydle BX1 serves as a black box for the car. It keeps a running video of events while driving and updates every 30 seconds. If the G-force shock sensor detects an event, the BX1 will save the data from 15 seconds before and after the impact. The Cydle BX1 will be available in the United States in Q1 2010 for a suggested price of $149.

Last, but not least, Cydle’s new M7 MID (Mobile Internet Device) can function as an Internet search appliance, a digital photo frame, and a multimedia player for music and movies. It also has HDMI support and 8GB of memory that's expandable to 16GB. The M7 is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2010 for approximately $199.