CyberPower Starts Dishing Up Intel Z77 Flavored Desktop Systems

It's been a long and anticipatory wait for Ivy Bridge, and while Intel's next generation processors are still a couple of weeks away from making their official debut, platforms that support the new chips are already starting to trickle into the market place. CyberPowerPC, for example, just announced that it's incorporating Intel's new Z77 chipset into its current line of desktop gaming rigs.

"Starting today, CyberpowerPC customers can configure new desktop gaming systems based on the Z77 chipset motherboards from major manufacturers such as ASUS, Gigabyte, and ASRock," CyberPowerPC stated in a press release. "The Intel Z77 chipset, which offers advanced overclocking of the core; integrated USB 3.0 support, and maximum security will be available in CyberpowerPC's top-of-the-line Fang III Viper and Cobra models, newly launched Zeus 1000, 1500, 2000, and 2500 Thunder series as well as the Gamer Xtreme PC lines."

Those are a lot of systems to choose from that run the gamut of nearly every budget. Cost of entry is a mere $709, which is not much more than what you'd spend for a blue light special at KMart, but with the added benefit of off-the-shelf components and the latest chipset foundation from Intel.

CyberPowerPC says that all Z77 desktops it offers are Lucid Virtu MVP ready, which you can read more about here.