CyberPower Adds Z68 Systems To Desktop Lineup

New mainboards? Check! New machines based on those motherboards? You bet! CyberPower has just revealed a new gaming desktop and workstation line based on Intel's next-gen Z68 chipset with SSD caching as well as LucidLogix Virtu Software. The new platform obviously supports Intel's 2nd-gen Sandy Bridge processors, and opens up a new level of overclocking by allowing users to adjust not only CPU and memory frequencies, but the integrated graphics as well.

CyberPower will offer new motherboards powered by the new Intel Z68 chipset throughout all of its 2nd Generation Intel Core processor gaming systems as well as through the CyberPower Custom Gaming PC Configurator. This new chipset will also debut in CyberPower’s new line of high performance graphics workstations, the Power Mega series. The starting price for a CyberPower Z68-based gaming system with Sandy Bridge CPU is $699. The new Power Mega series featuring the new Z68 chipset starts at $1199.

CyberPower customers can configure their gaming system or graphic workstations with single or multiple GPU as well as CyberPower’s Advanced Hydro Liquid Cooling featuring 240mm or 360mm radiator options depending on the model. All pre-built or custom configured systems are guaranteed to have compatible hardware, as well as power supplies and cooling options to accommodate additional GPUs.