Cyanongen Recruits Truecaller Caller ID And Spam Blocking For Dialer App

One of the reasons why Cyanogen exists and is so popular is because the developers are intent on building a better Android experience than even Google can deliver. It's a bit of a lofty goal, and part of the strategy entails bundling in third-party apps and services that users will find most useful in place of Google's own collection of software. One of those services is Truecaller, a Caller ID application that will be fully integrated into the native dialer on future Cyanogen OSes.

"Our partnership with Cyanogen marks a milestone in the Truecaller history – we are seeing the difference we are making for the world through technology, and by integrating Truecaller within the Cyanogen OS dialer, it proves that we are not alone in this technical journey," Truecaller stated in a blog post announcing the partnership with Cyanogen.


Truecaller's massive database helps to reduce the prominence of incoming calls labeled as unknown -- they're the numbers you would decline to answer and subsequently perform a search online to see if you can discover who was trying to call. It has a database of around 1.7 billion numbers, and in addition to helping identify previously unknown callers, it also has a spam blocking element.

The spam blocking part ties in with being able to report bad numbers. For example, if hundreds of people reported a number as being spam, you'll see that information and probably decided to at least decline the call, if not block the number outright.

Truecaller integration will roll out to future devices that come preloaded with Cyanogen OS. In addition, OnePlus One and YUREKA owners will be able to download the feature in a future over-the-air (OTA) update.