Cyanogen Inc. Allegedly Cans OS Development Team As It Pivots To Apps

A significant portion of the talented folk working at Cyanogen Inc. have been laid off or are in the process of being let go, according to multiple reports. The reported layoffs are heavily concentrated on the company's Android ROM division, which builds alternative versions of Google's open source operating system for mobile devices.

Building an alternative OS based on Android has been Cyanogen's main mission for the past several years, but with it failing to catch on with people, the company has apparently decided to focus its attention on apps. It's not entirely clear what that will involve, though according to Recode, the company plucked Lior Tal from Facebook to serve as Cyanogen's Chief Operating Officer and oversee the new strategy.


This doesn't appear to be a pleasant time to be working for Cyanogen. It's said the company has been calling employees into meetings, sometimes in groups, to be handed pink slips. This is happening worldwide, including the company's smaller offices in Lisbon and a total wiping out of its operations in India. Over in Seattle, Cyanogen co-founder Steve Kondik is said to be personally handling the layoffs.

It's an unfortunate time for Cyanongen. The company has managed to raise millions of dollars in funding for its efforts but was just never able to break into the mainstream. The closest it came was with its collaboration with OnePlus—Cyanogen's alternative Android OS was installed on the original OnePlus One handset, but the two companies ultimately parted ways.