Cyanogen 13.1 For OnePlus One Gains New Microsoft Hooks Including Cortana Selfies

Cyanogen 13.1 is rolling out to the OnePlus One. The OnePlus One will feature MOD, an integrated mobile platform that was first announced in February and is now officially available. MOD enables mods on phones or “ intelligent, contextually aware, and lightweight experiences built natively into the mobile operating system.” 

Third party apps can now take advantage of platform APIs, with a prominent one allowing you to view Twitter feeds on your lock screen. Users will simply need to wake up their phone and swipe left in order to have access to their Twitter feed. Users can also call or Skype contacts directly from within the phone app. Skype contacts will be clearly marked and searchable users can can buy Skype Credit right from the dialer and make Skype to Skype calls for free.


Mods perhaps extend the most extensively into the Email and Phone apps with OneNote. Users can can easily save an important email to OneNote for future reference. The OneNote tile in quick settings help users write down notes. Users can also take notes while on a phone call through the Phone app.

Cortana is also getting a special update. Users need to simply wake up their device, swipe left and use their voice to search to set reminders, set reminders, and more through Cortana. Users can even tell Cortana to “take a selfie” and then quickly review and share the photo. The Cortana mod is currently only available in the United States.

The Microsoft Hyperlapse mod for Camera allows users to create stabilized time-lapse videos. Users can open the Camera app, switch modes to Hyperlapse, and shoot videos. Once users finish shooting, they can set the speed and let Hyperlapse work its magic. Users can then share Hyperlapse videos right from their filmstrip. Hyperlapse can be used on existing videos on a user’s phone.

You can download Cyanogen OS 13.1 here.