Customers To Lease 10 kWh Tesla Home Battery For $1500 Down Plus $15 Per Month

We learned some important details about Tesla's upcoming in-home batteries late last week, and now, thanks to analyst Trip Chowdhry, we now have a clearer idea of what it will cost.

Backing up what we learned earlier this month, Tesla's battery will cost $13,000 outright. There's also the option to shell out $1,500 for a down payment and then pay $15/month for 10 years, after which point the battery will go back to Elon Musk-backed SolarCity.

Tesla Model S battery pack

Nothing has changed so far regarding Tesla also getting into supplying batteries to "utilities". As mentioned in last week's post, Walmart has already signed on board, which is without question a major win for Tesla.

Why would someone want an in-home Tesla battery? There are myriad of reasons, with a massive one being the fact that if the power grid goes down, you'll be fine. The battery will allow you to continue powering your home as normal, and of course keep your smartphones and myriad of other computing devices charged in the event of an emergency.

It could also save you money over time, as these batteries can be fed by both the regular power grid and / or solar or wind power. The basic idea is that if no alternative power sources are available, the battery will charge itself up overnight, when power is typically cheaper from the power company. During the day, your house stays off the grid. If you have solar, you'll save even more money overall, and depending on your power usage, you may even end up sending power back onto the grid, resulting in the power company paying you for the help.

As mentioned last week, Tesla is expected to take the veil off of its battery this coming Thursday. At this point it's hard to imagine there will be many surprises, but either way, what's coming sounds promising.