Consumer Technology Association Outs AMD's Ryzen 6000 Series Mobile CPUs Ahead Of Schedule

amd ryzen 6000 mobile
In case you faithful HotHardware readers weren't aware, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) is the group that puts on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) every year. CES 2022 officially starts on Wednesday, but the presentations from the biggest tech companies are almost all taking place tomorrow, and so tonight is the night that the CTA reveals the winners of its Innovation Awards.

As part of the Innovation Awards, the CTA is naming certain products that will be featured in the show. In particular, one honoree in the Innovation Awards is AMD, and the products that won them the accolade are the Ryzen 6000 Series Mobile Processors.

If that makes you squint a bit, don't worry; you didn't miss a launch, or anything. AMD hasn't officially announced the Ryzen 6000 series chips yet. Thanks to the CTA's announcement, though, we were given a few tidbits of info: they'll have RDNA2-powered graphics and take DDR5 memory, much as we've expected since we first heard about them way back in September of 2020.

That's not much information to go on, but AMD's CES 2022 Product Premiere event is happening live on the internet tomorrow at 10AM EST (7AM PT, 3PM GMT), or in about 14 hours. We expect AMD will be more than happy to share all the juicy details of its Ryzen 6000 Mobile Processors with all of us then.