Crucial Ships DDR-1333MHz SODIMM Modules, Core i7 Ready

What a quick new mobile processor without quick new memory to ship alongside of it? Not much, let us tell you. That's why Crucial is following Intel's breaking introduction of the mobile quad-core Core i7 CPU with new DDR-1333MHz SODIMM modules. All of the new sticks have been Intel certified and validated to work with the very latest CPUs. Best of all, 1GB and 2GB PC3-10600 SODIMM modules are now available, and if you've taken a look at the most recent notebook introductions, you probably already knew that.
“Intel has worked closely with Crucial to qualify their memory modules with our latest mobile processors and they continue to meet Intel’s stringent validation requirements,” said Geof Findley, Intel’s platform memory operations senior manager. “Crucial memory modules represent the kind of solutions that users of Core i7 mobile processors need to get the most out of their system.”

“Intel’s new Core i7 mobile processors are powering the first notebook platform to use DDR3 memory exclusively, bringing the benefits of DDR3 to mainstream and corporate mobile notebook users alike,” said Jim Jardine, Lexar Media’s senior worldwide product manager. “Compared to notebooks that use DDR2 memory, DDR3 technology offers the ability to provide higher memory bandwidths while still using less power, which can equate to better user experiences – not only from a better performing system, but potentially longer battery life as well.”

The new DDR3-1333MHz SODIMM modules are available in 2GB and 4GB kits through select resellers worldwide, though as with all memory, prices will vary widely depending on your region of the world and what outlet you purchase from.