Crucial Releases m4 SSD Performance Firmware Update

Crucial announced the availability of a firmware update for its m4 SSDs (FW 0009). The update will both solve a problem or two and also provide performance enhancements.

Specifically, FW 0009 will eliminate an issue wherein drives experience intermittent failures in cold boot ups on some host systems, and it will also compensate for some SATA-II chipset/SATA-III device speed negotiation issues.

With the new update, the m4 SSDs will also get a 20% boost in sequential read speeds, better PCMark Vantage scores (and the associated real-world performance gains, we presume), better throughput performance, improved write latency, better compatibility with newer chipsets, and faster boot times.

If you’re a Crucial m4 SSD user, pop over to the Crucial forums to download FW 0009 at your earliest convenience. If you’re a slightly negligent owner and haven’t bothered to install the last several firmware updates, not to worry--you can upgrade directly to 0009 from version 0001 or 0002.

We’re going to benchmark our m4 SDD with the new firmware and let Hot Hardware readers know when we have some numbers to share.
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