Crucial Releases Adrenaline Cache Solution and 7mm m4 SSD

The idea of using an SSD as a caching tool--placing more frequently-used files on the SSD and leaving the rest on a slower storage drive--is a great one, but many users have found that setting up the SSD cache can be tricky. Crucial’s new Adrenaline Solid State Cache Solution offers a slightly more elegant way of configuring such a setup; it includes a 50GB m4 SSD, a 3.5" adapter bracket, and software. According to Crucial, all one must do is connect the SSD to the motherboard and install and run the software; no fuss, no muss. From then on, the software does its thing automatically.

Equipped with a three year warranty, the Adrenaline Solid State Cache Solution will be available this quarter.

Crucial Adrenaline Solid State Cache Solution

Crucial also let fly with news of the new 7mm version of its aforementioned Crucial m4 SSD. The skinny drive is designed for today’s thin and light laptops, as well as for applications and needs such as client computing, low power consumption, lightweight construction, and handling shocks and vibrations.

The SSDs are available now in capacities of 64GB ($118.99), 128GB ($209.99), 256GB ($410.99), and 512GB ($794.99).
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