Crossfire vs. SLI

Legit Reviews has taken a look at how the latest iteration of ATI's Crossfire compares against NVIDIA's SLI technology. Overall, the article gives readers a good illustration of how each technology stacks up against the other. However, seeing X1800XT cards in Crossfire on the ATI front pitted against NVIDIA's GeForce 7800GT's in SLI is anything but a fair comparison. Let's hope the gang at Legit Reviews get their hands on some GeForce 7800 GTX cards (256MB or 512MB) so we can have a fair and accurate depiction of what the overall results would be.

A single mid to high-end video card will give you extremely playable performance in all of today's games. SLI and CrossFire have their own place as borderline excessive for most people. Being able to play at high resolutions with in game settings turned all the way up is something that is, for some, worth paying extra for and ATI now has a competitive solution.
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