CrossFire Roundup, DFI Infinity SLI

Hey folks! There were a couple big releases yesterday... Day of Defeat: Source is now available, as well as the Call of Duty 2 demo. The CoD demo offers one single player level and weighs in at 656MB. FileFront, FileShack both have the demo, and you can use Filerush if your into torrents. As for DoD:S, you can purchase at for $20. Enjoy!

Corsair Strikes Partnership with ASUSTek and Announces the World's Highest Performing "Asus-Ready" 1GB Module for the AMD Platform

-- Jointly developed with ASUS for its new A8N32-SLI Deluxe/WiFi motherboards, the new 1GB XMS-3500LL PRO memory is tailor-made at super low latencies of 2-3-2-6-1T to supercharge the new platform --

Fremont, CA / Taipei, Taiwan (September 26, 2005) – Corsair
(R) Memory, Inc., a worldwide leader in high performance memory and cooling products for enthusiasts and overclockers, and ASUSTek(R), the perennial leader of the motherboard industry, today announced a joint product launch targeting the AMD(R) enthusiasts. Under this collaboration, Corsair will release its first "ASUS Ready" XMS-3500LL PRO 2GByte-kit to support the release of the first "Corsair optimized" x16 SLI motherboards engineered by ASUS. Available in a matched pair of two 1GByte modules, the new XMS-3500LL PRO is the industry's first high-density memory guaranteed to deliver blazing-fast performance of DDR437 (218MHz) at low latencies of 2-3-2-6-1T.

Leaders in the memory and the motherboard industries respectively, this joint product development enables both Corsair and ASUS to bring the best offerings to the performance and gaming marketplace. The memory and the motherboards are optimized for maximum performance, and are validated for rock solid stability. Positioned as the highest end products for the AMD platform, enthusiasts benefit from having the latest technologies backed with manufacturers' performance guarantee.

"The A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard was designed to set a new performance standard for the AMD enthusiasts, and we were able to do that with Corsair's XMS 3500LL PRO," said Joe Hsieh, Director of ASUS Motherboard Business. "As more users move to 2GB of system memory and still demand a performance edge, ASUS and Corsair are always on the forefront to deliver the most power combination of products," continued Hsieh.

ATI CrossFire:

SilenX LUXURAE Hard Drive Silencing Solution @

"This is an off wall item, it may not interest some but others will be intrigued. With hard drives becoming bigger and faster comes the sound of them screaming at high rpm's. Some drives are louder than others, that's where this product comes in. Like with the fans I just reviewed recently, this is made to aid your machine in being silent. I was taken back with the fans being able to perform as well as they did, and still keep my system running cool and now silent."

DFI Infinity SLI @ Neoseeker

"Instead of the colourful, bright, feature laden board layouts of DFI's Lanparty series, we are presented with a compartively spartan board. Because of that though, this board will let system builders design truly a wolf in sheeps clothing. The board's visuals are no indication of the awesomeness that lies within. The board overclocks amazingly, and we will hopefully have more time to play with this board to see just how far it is able to go."

Codegen Group Briza-97 Mid Tower ATX Case @ Big Bruin

"The Codegen Group Briza-97 Mid Tower ATX Case isn't one of the top of the line cases that we have looked at, but it does have alot going for it. At a mere $47.99, it offers a unique appearance, and interesting features like tool-less expansion slots, stylish carrying handles, LED cooling fans, and stealth optical drive covers."

OCZ Rally 2GB Flash Drive @ Phoronix

"With this said, today we have one of OCZ's recently released flash drives. Shipping with the 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB 'Rally' flash drives is dual channel technology we've never seen previously implemented into flash memory, and this technology does indeed offer blazing fast read/write speeds."

MSI P4N SLI (NVIDIA nForce4 SLI Intel Edition) @ Hardware Zone

"An excellent motherboard built for pure gaming enjoyment. Don't expect a truckload of features though as the slimmed down MSI P4N SLI is designed for performance without the bulk, but since it also comes with a matching price reduction, who can argue?"

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