Creative's ZEN X-Fi2 Media Player Goes Up Against Stiff Competition

It's a good time to be in the market for a portable media player. From Apple's iPod lineup (the obvious choice) to Microsoft's Zune HD to Archos' range of media-centric players, you've got options galore. But just in case you still weren't confused enough as to which device was right for you, Creative has just added another to the mix. The company once famous for its expansive range of audio cards has begun to dabble in the wide world of PMPs, and while it's newest product is no iPod touch, it may just be enough for you.

The ZEN X-Fi2, as it's known, is a touch screen-based player, and on paper, it's pretty darn respectable. The 4" x 2.2" x 0.5" player weighs just 2.6oz. and boasts a 3" LCD touch panel (400x240), 8GB/16GB/32GB of internal memory, a rechargeable battery that'll last up to 25 hours when playing audio (or 5 hours with video), a microSD card slot, support for RSS feeds, a USB port, built-in alarm clock and speaker and support for photos, too.

It ships with a basic pair of earbuds and supports more formats than even Apple's iPod, so if you've got a wide collection of files, you might just appreciate that. If you are indeed interested, it can be ordered now for $129.99,$179.99 or $229.99, depending on size.