Creative Google Doodle Celebrates 66 Year Old Roswell UFO Incident

As far as Google's doodles are concerned, the search giant has been upping its game, both literally and figuratively. The latest doodle is a point-n-click adventure celebrating the famous Roswell UFO incident that occurred on this day in 1947, a full 66 years ago. U.S. officials contend that what crashed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico was a high-altitude surveillance balloon that, at the time, belonged to a classified program called Mogul, but many believe it was actually an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Regardless of what really happened, Roswell is now a tourist trap of sorts with plenty of alien themed establishments. It's a fun place to visit if you happen to be in the area or passing through.

Google Doodle

To celebrate the mysterious that happened so long ago, Google's newest doodle shows a UFO crash landing on a ranch, after which you take control and help the alien creature assemble his spacecraft in a short point-n-click adventure. It's not a difficult game, though it's far more entertaining than the last time we played a title based on a similar theme. Anyone remember E.T. for Atari?