Creative Doles Out 2 New Vado HD Camcorders, OS X Vado Central

It hasn't even been a full year since Creative introduced its Flip Video-rivaling Vado HD pocket camcorder, and already the company is ushering in the next generation. The simply-titled 'second generation Vado HD' doesn't look or feel all that much different than the original, but we suppose that's kind of the point. Don't reinvent the wheel if the current one rolls along just fine, right?

The new pocket camcorders will be available in a pair of new color combinations: a 4GB glossy white with green accents, which holds up to 60 minutes of video and an 8GB glossy black with red accents, which holds up to 120 minutes of video. Both are these are available to pre-order starting today at Amazon and Creative websites, with price tags of $180 and $200 for the 4GB and 8GB versions, respectively.

In related news, Creative is also introducing an all-new Vado Central that's compatible with Mac OS X, giving Apple fanatics the ability to transfer video clips directly to iMovie and then to whatever social network they choose. The new Vado Central should be ready for download starting in the next week or so, and it will even be compatible with older Vado and Vado HD models.