Crackulous Gets a Public Beta

Crackulous is a one-click iPhone / iPod Touch app cracking tool. Previously it was only available to a select few, but it's now been released as a public beta.

Obviously not good news for developers, it adds yet another reason to the list of reasons to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch. Some of them are legitimate, such as being able to get functionality (such as Copy and Paste) or tethering that are not available on non-jailbroken iPhones.

Being able to spread apps around after cracking isn't legit, of course.

Here's the info:
CRACKULOUS v.9 We at Hackulous have decided to open up the beta version of Crackulous for the entire community. If you haven't already heard about Crackulous, it's an amazing application dedicated to the iPhone community to cracking apps. Crackulous was first started by SaladFork, and now the application is being developed by Angel. We've decided to release Crackulous v.9 as an Open Beta, so anyone can try it out!

  • Full GUI version of xCrack! No Complications!
  • Crack Applications from the App Store! Share them with the community!
  • The ONLY Application of its kind!
  • The most POWERFUL and EASIEST to use application!
  • Crack multiple apps at one time!
  • It's free! Why would we charge?
Read more at: What is Crackulous?

So where do we get it? From the Hackulous Cydia Repo of course!

Known Bugs (Major):
  • You must have at least one legitimate app from the App Store
  • If any of your apps begin with a #, Crackulous will crash(Bug fix on the way)
This brings back memories of the old Palm OS days, when demo apps could be cracked using easily found cracking tools.

Eventually, the project will become open source, if things go as currently planned. But, let's not forget, after all, that most of the apps at the App Store are pretty dang cheap (or free), after all. So you might want to think twice before cracking.