Cox Shelves 3G Network Plans, Using Sprint's Towers Instead

If there's one thing that's for certain in the mobile space, it's this: creating a new wireless network from scratch is difficult. Really difficult. Clearwire has had their fair share of hurdles to leap over, and even though they have tons of funding, creating a 4G nationwide network is no easy task. If you've been following wireless developments for the past few years, you may remember that Cox -- a cable TV and internet provider -- had proclaimed their interest in creating a wireless network. And after that, radio silence.

Now, reports are flowing out suggesting that Cox Communications will be "backing down" from the plan to build out their own 3G network, with the company looking to decommission the infrastructure. In doing so, the company will be reaching out to use Sprint Nextel's cellular network instead in order to provide their subscriber base with a Cox-branded mobile service. Cox's exact statement: "We will soon begin to decommission our 3G network to better focus on making Cox Wireless available to more than 50% of our footprint this year."

It's probably a smart move; Clearwire has already shown just how difficult such a task is, and we're guessing the company would end up losing a lot more than they'd gain. And so, MVNO it is!
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