Cox Launching Gigabit Internet Service In Phoenix, Las Vegas, And Omaha

Google’s push for gigabit Internet service has, directly or indirectly, created pressure on ISPs to explore the same, and Cox is the latest company to dip its toe in the gigabit waters and plans to get the service out to its first residential customers as early as Q4 this year.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Cox president Pat Esser said that the company was investing hundreds of millions of dollars in gigabit service implementation, and the first locales to get the blazing fast pipe upgrades will be Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Omaha. This follows Esser’s comments earlier this month.

Omaha, Nebraska skyline

Esser did not reveal pricing, but he told the WSJ that it would be competitive; if it’s anywhere near the $70 per month that Google charges for its Google Fiber service (which includes TV), that would be a big win for consumers.

Cox joins AT&T, Bright House Networks, Seattle’s Gigabit Squared (well, sort of), CenturyLink, C-Spire, VTel Vermont, and others in bringing gigabit Internet to the masses.