Could Snow In China Cause A PCB Shortage?

Many of us are familiar with the "Butterfly Effect," the phenomenon described as the beating of the wings of a butterfly on one side of the world causing a huge storm on the other side of the world. We may be seeing the high tech version of that; it's snowing a lot in central and eastern China, and that's where a great deal of the world's printed circuit boards are manufactured. Will snow in China cause a shortage of ones and zeros halfway around the globe?

Some makers have only 30-40% of their capacities running, which is forcing them to halve their shipments, the sources said.

Gold Circuit Electronics (GCE) revealed that its Changshu plant already received notification about power shortages last Friday, and has rented diesel generators to meet electricity needs. It said its production remains normal, with shipments being stable.

Chin-Poon Industrial, which also produces PCBs in Changshu, said some of its employees have been prevented from coming to work by snow-blocked traffic, and those who have been able to continue working are employees who live at the company's dormitories. It said the company already has solutions to deal with the power rationing

Next time the weather channel says there's a storm brewing --anywhere-- make sure to grab a bunch of PCBs along with the milk and bread. You never know how long you're going to be housebound and you don't want to run out.
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