Could Apple Make A Smart Home iPhone Or iDevice Announcement Next Week At WWDC?

Days ago, we wrote about a rumor that Apple will unveil some sort of “smart home” system at its upcoming WWDC, and now there’s more grist for the rumor mill: There’s a Smart Home remote coming.

According to CNET, a PR person for a universal remote app sent out a message that let slip “Next week Apple will be announcing its iPhone Smart Home remote which will be available sometime in the future."

There’s no reason to have a Smart Home Remote if there’s no Smart Home to control, so it would seem that the first rumor is true. Whether that’s an app on the iPhone or a standalone device remains to be seen.

The connected car a harbinger for the connected home?

It would make sense for Apple (and every other big tech company) to roll out connected-home products. It’s one of the next big tech mountains to conquer as the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes an inevitability, and Apple has already taken the connected plunge with its CarPlay in-vehicle platform.

It’s been a while since Apple blew our minds with some amazing Next Big Thing; we’d be happy to experience that again, with a connected home platform.