Cortana Comes To Nokia Lumia 1520 Via AT&T's Windows Phone 8.1 Software Update

AT&T has some great news for Nokia Lumia 1520 handset owners. Effectively immediately, you can download and install the Windows Phone 8.1 software update for your phone and start enjoying Cortana, a personal virtual assistant. Unlike the virtual assistants on other platforms, Cortana is the only one that can set reminders by people, as well as by time or location.

There are a lot of changes that go beyond Cortana in Windows Phone 8.1. Users have greater control over personalization -- Live Tiles with multiple sizes and color options let you pin apps, music, and people to your Start Screen so you can see the information you want right from the get-go.


"The Windows Phone 8.1 update also takes full advantage of the Lumia 1520’s Quad-core processor, large, bright 6-inch HD 1080p display, and Nokia Rich Recording suite – four digital microphones and 140 dB recording range provide unparalleled stereo sound for video captured by the Lumia 1520," AT&T says.

Even the Lumia 1520's 20MP PureView sensor gets better with the Windows Phone 8.1 update -- according to AT&T, it adds new features and apps for sharing your images.

AT&T recommends having at least a 50 percent charge before installing the update. When you're ready, click the Settings Live Tile and tap Phone Update.