Corsair To Acquire Elgato Gaming To Bolster Support Of Game Streamers

Corsair is a well-established brand with gamers, as the company produces high-performance hardware like RAM and peripherals to deck out your bodacious rig. Elgato Systems is the big name in video capture cards and other tech in the industry that many gamers use to record their in-game footage for streaming. Corsair has announced that it will now acquire Elgato Gaming as it looks to expands its streaming portfolio.
elgato hd60 pro

Specifically, Corsair will be buying the Elgato Gaming division, with the Elgato Eve connected home products spinning off to become a separate company completely unaffiliated with Corsair. That new company will be called Eve Systems. Neither Corsair or Elgato is offering much in the way of detail on the deal.

We have no idea what the purchase price was or when the deal might be completed. What we do know is that investment banking firm Drake Star Partners was the financial adviser on the deal and the legal advisor was Bird & Bird. It's also unclear if the deal also includes the engineers and people behind the scenes working in the Elgato Gaming division; presumably it does.

Eve Systems will continue to make its HomeKit gear that includes a family of devices aimed at building out your smart home including sensors, switches, remote controller sprinklers, and more. We can expect Corsair-branded capture cards sooner rather than later.