Corsair Announces New LUX Mechanical Keyboard Family With Cherry MX Switches

Can you remember a time when Corsair didn't make gaming keyboards? In recent years, it's almost hard to, as the company has released a countless number of models and has become a vendor known for quality design. That's important, as when these peripherals cost $100 or more, it's nice to know that they'll last.

Building on its reputation for quality, Corsair has just announced a brand-new series called "LUX". As the name might suggest, this could be considered a 'luxury' range, although the prices are in line with the RAPIDFIRE series. 

CORSAIR LUX Mechanical Keyboard

At quick glance, the most noticeable upgrade with the LUX series over the previous ones is that the keycaps have been optimized for LED passthrough. Each key is crafted with laser precision, allowing as much light to bleed through as possible while retaining a durable design. Corsair wants these key fronts to last for years, which isn't something many gamers tend to see nowadays.

Also added, due to popular demand, is a USB passthrough feature. This allows you to plug a mouse or some other peripheral directly into the keyboard, saving on the hassle of getting in behind your PC (this is particularly useful for LANs).

Corsair LUX Lineup

Corsair notes that its LUX series of keyboards includes an internal lighting controller, improving color accuracy. With the Corsair CUE software, gamers will be able to tweak their lighting configuration to make it their own.

There are going to be a couple of LUX models available (right now), with the K70 LUX RGB being near the top with a price tag of $160. The least-expensive LUX is the K70 LUX, priced at $120. The K70 LUXs will be offered in red, brown, and blue CHERRY MX switches, while the K65 LUX models include red (RGB) or speed (RAPIDFIRE).

Corsair issued the announcement for these new keyboards at the same time stores got them in stock, so if you're interested in picking one up, it's only a click away!