Corsair Announces New ‘Gaming’ Brand Of Products, K70 Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair has long been a part of the PC gaming world, thanks to its Dominator line of memory and high-end power supplies, cases, and other gaming accessories. Now, the company is planting its flag firmly in the gaming PC accessory space with its Corsair Gaming brand. Headsets, keyboards, mice, and other accessories for gamers are tied together by the Corsair Utility Engine software. Corsair is kicking things off with a contest.

The Corsair K70 RGB mechanical keyboard is available with Cherry MX switches: red, brown, and blue
The K70 RGB mechanical gaming keyboard sports Corsair's new "Corsair Gaming" branding.

Gamers tend to take their keyboards and mice seriously, which why many of today’s mechanical keyboards are aimed at the digital-gun-toting crowd. Corsair Gaming’s newly launched RGB keyboards are mechanical and have the popular Cherry MX switches. The K95 and K70 keyboards are very similar and both are available with Cherry MX red, brown, or blue switches, but the K70 is slimmer, due to its lack of G-keys. (Confused by meaning of the switch colors? We’ll solve that.) Corsair is billing the keyboard as being “streamlined for shooters,” who presumably don’t need the extra, programmable buttons.

If you followed the CES coverage at the beginning of the year, you already know that the Cherry MX RGB switches allow for tons of background colors in keyboards. If you’re in it for the cool colors, pay attention while you shop for your Corsair Gaming keyboard – some of the keyboards come with a single LED background, while others have the RGB tag and the variety of colors to go with. You’ll typically pay about $40 for the multi-color versions.