Corning's Future-fied Video Filled With Glass And Touchscreens

Revolutions are talked about frequently, but in honesty, not too many revolutions come about. It takes something truly outstanding, truly innovative to be considered a "revolution" in our book. The original iPhone was revolutionary, but every model since has simply been evolutionary. But Corning's vision of the future, if it all works out, will actually be revolutionary.

What's notable is that even though Corning is focused on the glass aspect, they must also be infatuated with multi-touch. Also every instance of "the future" relies on touch or touch screens. The issue is that keeping a public use touch panel clean and clear isn't an easy task, so there will definitely be challenges. But even still, the video they've created is mind-blowing in many ways. We've seen some futuristic hopes before, but we've never wanted one to come true as bad as this. Have a look below. It'll make The Jetsons jealous.