Cooler Master Vortex TX, ASUS V9999 Gamer Edition, and more!

Hey guys, we've got a little update for you. Tonight we have a review of the ASUS V9999 Gamer Edition(GeForce 6800), benchmarks of ram running in Dual-Channel vs Single-Channel, a press announcement from Kingston, and a couple other items. Enjoy!

Kingston Memory Fuels Dual-Core AMD Opteron(TM) Processors

Complementary Partners Mark Innovative Processor 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Fountain Valley, CA April 21, 2005, Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the world's leading independent memory manufacturer, today congratulated AMD (NYSE:AMD) on the second anniversary of its industry-leading AMD Opteron(TM) processor.

Committed to the advancement of computing technology, KingstonR has been working closely with AMD over the past few years during AMD's development of multi-core processing technology, touted by analysts to be the next revolution in computer processing power.

"The Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors and Kingston memory offer a powerful dynamic duo in computing performance," said Mark Tekunoff, senior technology manager, Kingston. "Kingston quality memory complements AMD64 processors, in both single- and dual-core configurations," continued Tekunoff.

"AMD's continued work with Kingston is another testament to our shared dedication to helping memory-constrained customers in need," said Pat Patla, director, server/workstation marketing, Microprocessor Solutions Sector, AMD. "We are celebrating two years of the growing AMD64 platform, which now includes Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors with Direct Connect Architecture."

Complementary Partners
Kingston and AMD have a long history of complementary partnering; working together since 1994 in the areas of design engineering, R&D testing, global sales and marketing. AMD has recognized Kingston numerous times as a valued partner and resource, most recently as 'Outstanding Partner,' in 2004 and gold sponsor of AMD's Tech Tour and AMD64 Experiential Tour 2004 in 20 top North American markets.

ASUS V9999 Gamer Edition (GeForce 6800) @ Hardware Zone

"ASUS has produced a souped up version of the GeForce 6800 targeted at the gaming segment with their V9999GE. Although it has many similarities to the 6800 GT, the GPU is still that of the normal GeForce 6800. Bundled with extensive extras, it's an interesting hybrid with the ASUS-class price."

Cooler Master Vortex TX Universal CPU Cooler @ PimpRig

"On the base is a label to protect it from damage. Upon removal of the label I found the finish on the base was a bit disappointing. It was very dull and I'm sure it would benefit from lapping and polishing. While it is no light weight at 440 grams without the fan it is not extremely heavy for an all copper cooler."

Crucial Ballistix 1GB PC2-5300 DDR2 Memory Kit Review @ EXTREME Overclocking!

"The Crucial Ballistix PC2-5300 DDR2 memory is rated to run at DDR2-667MHz at 1.9V, which translates for most people as running their CPU at 250MHz FSB with a 3:4 memory divisor. It is worth mentioning that Crucial makes these modules in 256MB, 512MB (as reviewed), and 1GB capacities, both with and without the activity LEDs."

The Battle of the Channel - Dual vs Single @ Techconnect Magazine

"Since a lot of factory-made PCs these days are shipping with single 256 or 512 MB modules, we thought we'd take the opportunity to compare single-channel RAM performance with its double-channel counterpart, to finally answer the age-old question: is the second stick worth it?"