Cooler Master Rolls Out Silent Pro M2 Power Supply Series

You often hear computers being compared to cars, especially when it comes to tinkering and overclocking, but whereas there's nothing sweeter sounding than the loud roar of a big block engine, PCs are most admired when they run silently. That's not always easy to accomplish, and to help you towards that goal, Cooler Master just launched its Silent Pro M2 line of modular power supplies.

Cooler Master claims it improved the 135mm fan in the Silent Pro M2 series to run longer and quieter than before, though the company stopped short of offering up any particulars, such as the exact noise level and whether it still runs quiet during heavy loads.

In terms of power, the Silent Pro M2 series comes in the following models and price points:
  • Silent Pro M II 420 W - €79,90
  • Silent Pro M II 520 W - €89,90
  • Silent Pro M II 620 W - €99,90
  • Silent Pro M II 720 W - €114,90
  • Silent Pro M II 850 W - €149,90
  • Silent Pro M II 1000 W - €169,90

Each unit is loads up the +12V amps on a single rail, up to 80A on the 1,000W model. Other highlights include "vastly improved" high quality capacitors, a new 3.3v DC-to-DC board to increase overall energy efficiency, 80 Plus Bronze certification up through the 720W model, and 80 Plus Silver certification on the 850W and 1,000W models.

No word on when these units will ship stateside.