Cooler Master CM Stacker, Via VTF2004, Matrix Orbital and Other Goodness

Good morning brothers and sisters, how are you?  Last night up here in the Canadian portion of the HH labs, we got pounded with a torrential thunderstorm.  Lots of lighting, tornado warnings, the whole nine yards.  Needless to say, it was a night I was grateful to have a UPS.  Anyhow, it is getting late in the AM, so let get down to business...

PRESS RELEASE - AMD Announces Technology Milestone With Its Multiple-Core Strategy

SUNNYVALE, CALIF. -- June 14, 2004 --Today AMD (NYSE: AMD) announced a technology milestone with the completed design of its AMD64 dual-core processors. AMD plans to deliver high-performance dual-core products to the x86 server market in mid-2005 and introduce dual-core solutions for high-end client PCs in the second half of 2005.

To meet customer and partner needs, AMD has been developing its multi-core processors for several years. Since the AMD64 platform was first discussed publicly in 1999, AMD indicated that its AMD64 technology would support multiple-core processors. As more solution providers join the AMD64 ecosystem, the industry is approaching the day when 32-bit-only systems or 32-bit-only dual-core processors will become obsolete.

"Because AMD has always listened to our customers, we anticipated an industry shift toward multi-tasking applications requiring the scalability that only 64-bit dual-core processors can provide," said Dirk Meyer, executive vice president, Computation Products Group, AMD. "That is why years ago we designed AMD64 technology from the ground up to be optimized for multiple cores."

To Read the Full Press Release: Click Here

Cooler Master CM Stacker STC-T01 @ Systemcooling

"So you're looking for a new case. It has to be roomy and good-looking, it has to cool well, and you'd also like to have a lot of flexibility in terms of configuration. The thing is, with a whole new form factor in Intel's BX specification looming on the horizon, you're really hesitant to spend a ton of dough on something that won't even support the latest and greatest once the new spec takes off. So what do you do? The suggestion we'd make is to take a look at the newest case offering from Cooler Master, namely the CM Stacker STC-T01. And today, that's exactly what we're going to do today."

VIA pitches Digital Brilliance at VTF2004 @ Tech Report

"THE VIA TECHNOLOGY FORUM is VIA's annual pow-wow for its customers, partners, and industry luminaries. VTF2004, held on Thursday during the week of Computex, outlined some new directions for VIA, its customers, and PC hardware in general. The theme of this year's VTF was "Digital Brilliance," an almost-too-clever play on words evoking both shiny gadgets and "smart" devices. Keep reading to find out why the PC is turning convergence on its head, why AMD says x86 is the only architecture we'll ever need, and what VIA's chipset plans are deep into 2005."

Matrix Orbital MX4 VFD Baybus and Custom Case Mod @ HTPC News

"For those of you who are looking to put the finishing touches on your PC, boy do we have a review for you. Currently on the market there are multiple choices in VFD's, however today takes a look at the Cadilac of VFD's and reports back to you, the internet community, if these higher dollar units are worth the premium you'll pay.  We also take a look at what this unit can do in a custom made HTPC case as a "finishing touch" to a long long project."

Logitech Z5300 Speaker Review @ The Tech Zone

"The Z5300 uses a patented dual chamber subwoofer to pound out twice the bass of conventional designs to deliver deep, loud and powerful bass. Polished aluminum phase plug satellite drivers are designed to project crisp high-end and rich mid-range tones for balanced sound. The system comes with a full-featured SoundTouch wired remote control for quick adjustments."

That is all at the moment, I am sure more goodies are on the way :) - Cheers