ConnecTV Brings Social TV Viewing To iPad, PC And Soon To Android

Is it any wonder that the iPad owns the lion's share of the tablet market? It's all about the apps, and the apps are making the iPad look better and better these days. ConnecTV just launched a highly comprehensive social TV service into public beta, and naturally, the iPad is at the forefront. The iPad already has a number of TV viewing options, and you can add another. It'll offer over 250 national channels, and will soon roll out exclusive content to more than 200 local affiliates and 26 regional sports networks.

ConnecTV's social platform lets users instantly see what their friends are watching and share their favorite TV moments with a single touch. ConnecTV's seamless social integration allows "viewsers" to automatically post what they are watching to friends on Facebook and Twitter by simply tuning in to their favorite program. With every change of the channel, users can also see the total number of their friends who "like" the show and invite those who are not watching to join them. ConnecTV users can chat with friends who are watching any program or join "show chat", which includes top fan Tweets and official Twitter feeds from players and leagues as well as show cast members, producers and networks.

ConnecTV's special coverage of Sunday's Big Game offers an immersive second-screen experience unlike any other: all the fast-changing player and team statistics and game betting lines provided in real time; historic Bowl Moments; "Did You Know?" factoids about the players and the game as well as special info about half-time star Madonna. Viewsers will also be able to vote for their choice of MVP throughout the game as well as choose the best ads of the day. ConnecTV registered users will be able to smack-talk and share their commentary in the show chat that includes official NFL and NBC Tweets – or chat with friends and create their own private Big Bowl parties on ConnecTV. The ConnecTV social TV platform is available beginning today in "Public Beta" in Apple's iPad App Store or directly from any browser at Current Beta Testers will be required to download the new version of ConnecTV to enjoy all the new features and functionality. ConnecTV's service is set to sync with and recognize more than 250 national channels, and will soon be introduced on more than 200 local ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The CW and MyNetworkTV affiliate channels owned by America's leading broadcast groups. In addition, ConnecTV will be adding the top 26 regional sports networks over the next several months so sports enthusiasts can engage with their favorite local professional and college teams. ConnecTV initially supports iPad and browser based devices such as Macs and PC's.

Up next? Android phones and tablets, but yeah, iPad gets a head start. Familiar story, but at least you Google diehards will have a taste coming soon.