Conan’s On-Air iOS 7 Update Causes Biblical Plagues

Conan O’Brien is developing a taste for tech-based humor, and on tonight’s show he (gently) sent up iOS 7. Today of course is the day that Apple’s latest major overhaul to its mobile operating is available for public download, and Conan decided to update his iPhone on the air, against the advice of his faithful sidekick, Andy.

“You should really be careful, because the new updates can frequently be very buggy,” warned Andy. The man is a prophet. Here’s what happened:

Maybe the problem was that Conan wasn’t using an iPhone 5 (what generation is that thing, anyway?), but in any case, all hell broke loose. The lights started flickering and the ground shook; the ceiling started caving in, birds fell from the sky, and a partially naked man ran screaming across the stage; the moon turned red and the Devil himself appeared in its stead, cackling like the monster he is.

And then...and then, you just need to watch the video to see what finally happens. Throughout, Conan is completely unaffected, absorbed in his iPhone update--which was, in the end, successful.

Be careful updating to iOS 7, dear readers, for your sake and the sake of those around you. At least, according to Conan.