Conan Takes Hilarious Poke At Gold iPhone – Gold Is Best

When Apple announced its new iPhones and produced a gold-colored version of the iPhone 5S, We were pretty sure we weren’t the only ones who cringed. Gold? Really? We’re going to have to see people walking around with gold-colored iPhones, pretending to be rich and classy from now on? (It’s a virtual certainty, for instance, that the entire Kardashian family will have them the moment they become available.)

Conan O’Brien apparently found the humor in the gold iPhone, and he took a jab at the thing on his show with this video:

“Yeah, gold is best,” said fake Apple VP of Gold, Raffi Jaharian. “You think gold, you think all the best stuff: jet ski, nice watch, sports car...shrimp.”

Conan Gold iPhone
"Gold is best."

“I just want to make it clear: I only worked on the gray and silver ones, OK?” added fake Apple Senior VP of Design Malcolm Bird. ”We didn’t really talk to the gold team all that much, as we were in Cupertino, and their offices were based in Miami Beach.”

You have to admit, whether or not like you like Apple products, that the original white-and-silver iPhone 5 is a beautiful-looking piece of hardware, and the other new colors have a certain appeal as well. But this gold thing is just obnoxious and tacky. And Conan agrees.