Conan Skit Demonstrates Hilariously Morbid Side of Google Glass

Google's venturing into uncharted territory with its Glass initiative, and that can be a scary thing for some people. The topic of privacy is perhaps the biggest talking point when it comes to Google Glass, but as some comedy skits have demonstrated, there's some potential for things to go sideways -- very sideways -- when meshing augmented reality with artificial intelligence.

A 2min 30sec skit that appeared on Conan shows the depressing side of Google Glass. It features a guy who lives at home and spends his Saturday evenings having dinner with his mother. He's a recluse, a fact that Google Glass repeatedly points out in subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle ways. Glass is also willing to help him overcome some personal problems.

"It looks like you're having trouble urinating," a Google Glass Helper says as the wearer stares at a toilet. "Take a look at this video footage of a waterfall and I'll make water noises with my mouth."

The video turns morbid at the end with the Helper identifying that the wearer is trying to hang himself. Rather than try and talk him out of it, the Helper provides instructions on how to tie a proper noose, then proceeds to call his family and friends in his contacts list after the deed is done.

This isn't the first time Google Glass has been the target of a spoof. Saturday Night Live took some jabs at Google Glass in a skit that mainly focused on how frustrating it can be for today's gadgets to properly recognize voice commands.